Golden Girls at the Golden Globes

Us girls just love dressing up. Don’t get me wrong, slacks and lounging around the house can be relaxing, but nothing beats looking like you should be on the cover of vogue.

The golden globes were a tad disappointing as the ladies didn’t really ‘bring it’ but of course some of them were dressed to the nines. Here are the top picks .

Which ones your favourite?


Reese had on a simple metallic dress but it held her in all the right places


Felicity looked like royalty


Kate's plunging neckline isn't my favourite but am loving the the waist cuts. Something new something fresh.


Anna's dress is divine. Looks like lavender petals blown in the wind


Kerry is the FAVOURITE!!!! Am not sure if its the Egyptian inspired design at the front or the the off the shoulder sexy but classy cut. Only wish it was 1 or 2 inches longer




‪#‎AfricanHistoryReEchoed‬: The University of Timbuktu is the world’s first university. It is was known as a major meeting place for African artists and scholars. Even when Mali was no longer a force to reckon with,the university was still the main learning point for Africa for numerous years.

17 Signs You’re A Millionaire Who Just Doesn’t Have The Money Yet

This cracked us up..we had to share ❤

Thought Catalog

1. You’re constantly looking on travel websites. Where other people might be doing work or informing themselves about current events, you’re checking out the hottest deals on Kayak and Airbnb, ready to hop on that plane you can’t afford to hit up that destination you can’t stay in. You don’t have time for this 9-5 world you’re in, even though you have absolutely no functional way to escape it.

2. You know how to make yourself look #prosperous on Instagram. It’s all about how you frame the photo. You have mastered the art of snapping your elegant brunch or stylish new top, all while leaving out the piles of struggle in the background, the overfull laundry baskets and IKEA particle board furniture. Your Instagram is a funhouse mirror of your life.

3. A general attraction to fake jewels. One day, you will have one of those mid-aughts rapper-style jewelry collections…

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2013 called, she’s happy about the pleather trend

Last weekend I was at my aunt’s store and my eyes landed on a beautiful pair of pleather (fake leather) leggings..they were to live for!!!!! Now Queens keep in mind that I am a curvy size 12, so a couple of trends pass me by simply because I don’t want to look like a stuffed potato :-).

I must have been staring at them like they had a solution to world peace because I heard my auntie say, “Try them on.” Of course I was quick to brush her off but she insisted…so i did. Guess what? THEY WERE A PERFECT FIT!!!!! I rocked them the same evening with a funky neon pink top from HandACulture.

All this got me thinking about this new trend; Its actually kind to most body types. You can use pleather leggings to achieve a number of looks : classy, rock, casual….

just 2 guidelines

1. Get a good fit- too loose or too tight and you’ll look like your’e from another planet

2. If you are on the curvy side, stick to tops that cover your bottom and crotch.

You know me and pictures 🙂 I got a few to inspire us..take a look













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Time for us fashionistas to lend a hand (the hand has to have beautifully manicured nails 😉

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